De blogberichten hieronder waren natuurlijk een aaneenschakeling van emotionele incontinentie. Moet soms even, kan ik weer beter door, als zo’n vat geleegd wordt. Kan ik eigenlijk alleen maar middels schrijven. Nu weer voorwaarts.

Dank aan een iedereen voor de lieve en bemoedigende reacties, hier en via mail en app. Dank aan degenen die het nog steeds volhouden met mij. Ik vind dat ik juist hen tekort heb gedaan in mijn vorige berichten, want zij zijn er wel degelijk. Ik prijs mij gelukkig met die mensen dichtbij. Of verderop, maar juist dichtbij.

Vanaf nu ben ik weer van plan over thema’s als mannen in vrouwenkleren en trekkertrekwedstrijden te schrijven. En ik zie dat de bospoepers ook nog in concepten staan. En iets over vluchtelingen. En HEMA. Mijn map onafgemaakte concepten is groter dan al mijn gepubliceerde blogs van het afgelopen jaar.

Dank je wel, lieve mensen die mijn leven verrijken. Can you feel it? Wisten jullie trouwens dat ik een enorm zwak heb voor The Jacksons? Noem het bombastisch of overdreven, maar ik ervaar deze clip altijd als een feestje van licht en liefde. Smelt steeds weer.

Deze is voor jullie. Dank je wel, lights of my life. I know who you are. Reaching hands. Love. Feel it.

7 gedachten over “Dank”

  1. Pain is such a hard thing for me to deal with – my own and that of my dear friends – physical, mental and emotional. I’m not brave enough to take on anyone’s pain except maybe for the pain of children but they are very strong and independent and won’t let me take that on for them. Maybe they realize that I’m pretty weak. Life doesn’t play out the way we hope for, although there are a few privileged (we call some of them “the 1%” in America) who have good health and good fortune. I guess what I’m trying to say, Magzy, is that I feel your good days and bad days and I have them too (for different reasons) and I wish so much you did not have those bad days. I wished I lived closer so we could visit and listen to music. Men in women’s clothing – well, Bowie of course? Tractor pulls? You have them in The Netherlands? They are quite strange things to me, like rodeos and Ultimate Fighting Championships (horrifying to me, as well), and the inhumane way that humans treat each other sometimes – and treat animals – and treat our mother earth and sea. During dark days, music and the ocean and being outdoors and exercising on the bike or in the pool or taking a walk are what can comfort me. The ocean and lighthouses and music and your family seem to give you peace. I’m just rambling, but for now I know that all who love you want the best for you. hugs and love from me

  2. Dear Lin, thank you for the effort to read this and sharing your thoughts, much appreciated. We know each other for quite some time now and even we haven’t met yet, I feel like we did. We have shared so much through the years haven’t we? A mini world in which we felt comfortable enough to share personal stories back then, Sometimes it’s easier to write and share stuff with people who are not per se ‘geographically’ close. Sometimes they feel closer than a lot of people who are literally close.

    There are so many people with invisible symptoms. Each in his or her own way, on different levels, different personalities, different circumstances. Although I never will know the nuances of your struggles and how hard your fight on a daily base is, I know a bit of them. And I wish you did not have to deal with it. It always makes me smile seeing your beautiful photo’s of your hike trips, seeing you and Emily together. And your three framed photo’s on the wall, here. “Waves”, kindred souls 🙂

    I have some dear people around me who have some serious battles to deal with themselves. It is striking that just those people with the biggest fights are often the ones who are taking the effort to reply, ask how you are doing, never give up in doing so, being the ones most close. Putting energy in that, whilst they really need that for themselves. They mostly suffer in silence and it does not occur to them anyway posting something like a cold as their status, searching for sympathy. Those are other people. But even in that category I can understand that, when you live alone, no one to talk to. I am privileged for that matter. Yes, I am much aware of that and feel sincerely blessed with all my lovelies in my life.

    Thank you for being you Lindsay, for the love that you bring and is felt. I wish nothing more than the best for you too. A big hug from me to you,

    Magzy xxx

    1. Hey, Magzy – Bowienet was a nice family – we shared many stories there as a group and found some lifelong friends. I agree with you that with many people there are stories behind their faces that we can only guess about. Even evil people probably have a grain of something we can relate to. I believe that most people are good and want to help others. Yes, many if not most people have invisible symptoms of pain, be it physical or emotional or both (often).

      I don’t like to share anything truly personal on Facebook so I rely on really talking with people in a private way, like here with you and the people you trust to share your thoughts and feelings with.

      Thank you so much for supporting my photography. I am in two art shows this year in New Mexico, which is good news for me but a lot of hard work, too. I’ll probably post a little bit about that on Facebook since that is good news.

      Do you remember the party at Trevor’s? I really treasure my photos from those time since that trip (though almost 10 years ago now) was such a wonderful time. I really hope to be able to visit The Netherlands and England in 2016. That is the plan, anyway. I must have health and good income to do that and I’m hopeful that will be true next year.

      I agree with you about people sharing things like little aches and pains and coughs and all of that on Facebook. But we all are so isolated from each other so much of the time and if that is a way for them to feel better, then so be it.

      I try to remember how lucky I am compared to most people in the world. I’m remembering that more and more as the world gets more and more difficult (though in some ways better).

      Time to close for now. Again, good vibes and to you and your family! xoxo Lindsay

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